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I challenge you to step into my world. At Epic Sports performance, I will train you to be at your peak in performance ,nutrition and endurance.We use cutting edge techniques that only world class athletes train with in their daily regiments.

1. As a sports performance specialist my first priority is to create a foundation based off of Fundamentals & Techniques.
2. All of my Athletes will be given the attention & coached to the highest degree of my abilities.
3. We will turn you into a sports weapon. An Epic Sports Performance weapon
I expect & demand the best out of every athlete regardless of talent level.
I expect effort....I will motivate you to be the best!!! I don't except mediocrity.
Expect to get fast & expect to get pushed.
When your in my world,expect to be the best,   EPIC BEST
Assessment prior to Training:
Phase 1.   Given that each athlete's goals are different, we start by evaluating the athlete's medical history & take baseline measurements of the athlete's muscle groups. We listen to what the athlete wants to achieve during the time spent with us. We can customize a program for the athlete based upon his or hers strengths & weaknesses.
Phase 2.  Program Development
Once we understand our athlete more Epic Sports Performance will design a science based program to optimize performance. our programs will be designed to reduce injuries and maximize career productivity.
Phase 3
All of our training session at ESP take place in a semi private training environment with an athlete to coach ratio of no more than 4-1. This type of training environment provides the following
A. Motivating
B. Educational excellence
C. Positive & Stimulating to achieve & exceed your goals
At Epic Sport Performance our goal is to educate you throughout the training process.You will learn why & what we are doing to become the BEST!!  


Ages 8-10
Ages 10-12
Ages 12-15
Ages 15-18



I see improvements in my sons speed and footwork , As long as we continue on the program we will be in good shape

Preston Cleckley Wr Bethune Cookman


Nutrition can help enhance athletic performance. An active lifestyle and exercise routine, along with eating well, is the best way to stay



Ian Headley attended Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton, Florida. At Heights, Headley lettered in football and track& field. In football, Headley was a four year letterman.


Levels Breakdown

All Levels will include leadership building, Life Skills Training, Mental Conditioning, and Vision Training.